Arlene began dancing with Chi-Town Squares in 2003 and attended her first GCA caller school in 2006. After hearing her sing, her partner, Kate Reed, encouraged Arlene to try her hand at calling. Arlene admits that her love of music has influenced her decision to become a caller. Since 2006 Arlene has served as the class assistant for Chi-Town Squares beginner class and conducts a 30 minuted warm up and review prior to each class. She has attended 3 GCA caller schools as well as the 2011 Grand Squares International School in Detroit. She has called the Basic, Mainstream and Plus programs since 2006 and called her first full-length A2 dance in 2011. Although Arlene donates much of her time to Chi-Town Squares, she has also been invited to call for several Chicago area club dances over the past few years and called for people of all ages at private party nights. In addition to calling dances for Chi-Town Squares she has called Gateway Squares, Grand River Squares, Temple Squares, American Squares, Flossmoor BnB, and other Chicago area clubs. She has called guest and specialty tip sessions at IAGSDC conventions since 2007 and called at the 2011 National Convention in Detroit and regularly calls guest tips at Crossfire, Chi-Town's Labor Day weekend fly-in.. Arlene enjoys teaching and looks forward to having a class of her own at a local senior center in the Fall of 2011. Arlene enjoys using an eclectic mix of music at her dances but admits that she particularly enjoys music from the Big Band Era, Tin Pan Alley and Showtunes. For additional information you may contact Arlene at or at 847-836-1244.