Vern Weese

Vern weese.jpg

From the Program Book of the 5th IAGSDC Convention, held in Phoenix, AZ in 1988:
Vern Weese, Las Vegas, NV began calling in 1972 while in the U.S. Navy at Panama Canal Zone. From there, he moved to Honolulu where he was club caller for the Diamond Heads'N'Sides and the B&B's. In 1979, he moved to Dallas, TX where he became club caller for the Swinging Singles, Acey Duceys, Old Tyme Squares, Cowtown Cloggers, Gainesville 49'ers, Gadabouts, VW Bugs, and McGregor GrandSquares of Waco, TX.

From 1980-84, Vern served on the Texas States Callers Association. In 1982 he moved to Houston and called for the Aces, the Square Deals, Jesters, Humble Wildcatters, Garden Villas, and the BW Bugs.

Vern has been on the Staff of Mountain Recordings for seven years and has been a full time traveling caller since 1984. He presently calls for VW Bugs and holds beginner classes and is resident caller at the Boulder Lakes RV Resort.