West Coast A&C


Each year since 1990, a West Coast IAGSDC club has hosted an Advanced & Challenge fly-in - aka A&C Weekend. The first West Coast A&C Weekend was organized by JW Paulson and Tom Long.

Hosting the West Coast A&C Weekend is more of a casual tradition than a formally defined event. There is no selection process for each year's location. Generally speaking, dancers represented by the clubs at the event each year informally discuss who will host the future A&C weekends.

Other Advanced & Challenge Fly-Ins

There is also an annually held East Coast Advanced & Challenge fly-in. Since 2000, it has been called ACDC.

There is no official connection between the two events.


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# Year Logo Date Location Venue Event Name Sponsor Callers
1 1990 Oct 5-7 Seattle, WA Seattle Central Community College Something New BOQ Anne Uebelacker, Sandie Bryant, Harlan Kerr, Don Wood
2 1991 Oct. 11-13 San Francisco, CA Live Oak School (Castro District) Make Magic in San Francisco Midnight Squares Anne Uebelacker, Sandie Bryant, Harlan Kerr
3 1992 Oct. 2-4 Vancouver, BC W.E.C.C. (King George School - Fri)/Arcadian Hall (2214 Main St. - Sat. & Sun.) Perk Up in Vancouver Squares Across the Border Anne Uebelacker, Sandie Bryant, Ray Brendzy, Harlan Kerr
4 1993 Oct. 1-3 Portland, OR Caitlin-Gable School Change Lanes to Portland Heads to the Center Chris Phillips, Todd Fellegy, Rich Silkett, Anne Uebelacker
5 1994 Oct 7-9 Lake Tahoe, CA Stanford Sierra Camp, Fallen Leaf Lake Tahoe Tally Ho! Prime 8s Anne Uebelacker, Dave Wilson, Norm Poisson, Vic Ceder, Harlan Kerr
6 1995 Oct 13-15 Seattle, WA Odd Fellows Hall on Pine Street Run Wild BOQ Anne Uebelacker, Vic Ceder, Sandie Bryant, Ray Brendzy
7 1996 Sep 27-29 Tempe, AZ Fiesta Inn Go Half Crazy in Arizona Desert Valley Squares Anne Uebelacker, Todd Fellegy, Dave Wilson, Mike Jacobs
8 1997 Oct 3-5 Redwood City, CA Mt. Alverno Conference Center Shakedown Along The Fault El Camino Reelers Vic Ceder, Kiyoshi Kikuchi, John Sybalsky, Anne Uebelacker, Rob French, CJ Smith
9 1998 Sep 18-20 Denver, CO Best Western Landmark Hotel Here Comes The Judge Rocky Mountain Rainbeaus Todd Fellegy, Mike Jacobs, Ett McAtee, Dave Wilson
10 1999 Oct 1-3 Lake Tahoe, CA Stanford Sierra Camp, Fallen Leaf Lake Tahoe Rewind Prime 8s Vic Ceder, Anne Uebelacker, Ross Howell, Dave Wilson, Geo Jedlicka
11 2000 Sep 29-Oct 1 Costa Mesa, CA Doubletree Costa Mesa/Orange County Walk Out 2 A Wave GLACD/SC Vic Ceder, Todd Fellegy, Ben Rubright, Anne Uebelacker, Kris Jensen, Michael Kellogg, CJ Smith
12 2001 Sep 7-9 Phoenix, AZ Ramada Valley Ho Resort Pass Out in the Desert Desert Valley Squares Anne Uebelacker, Vic Ceder, Dave Wilson, Bill Haynes, Ray Brendzy
13 2002 Oct 4-6 Portland, OR Doubletree Downtown Tag Back to Portland Heads to the Center Ray Brendzy, Sandie Bryant, Vic Ceder, Ben Rubright, Anne Uebelacker
14 2003 Oct 3-5 Vancouver, BC Hilton Vancouver Metrotown A Little More Magic Squares Across the Border Todd Fellegy, Vic Ceder, Barry Clasper, Anne Uebelacker, Ray Brendzy
15 2004 Oct 1-3 North Lake Tahoe, CA North Tahoe Conference Center on Kings Beach Tahoe Mirror Touch Of Class Prime 8s Clark Baker, Vic Ceder, Ben Rubright, Anne Uebelacker, Dave Wilson
16 2005 Oct 7-9 Seattle, WA Hilton Seattle Airport & Conference Center Shake and Rattle in Seattle Puddletown Dancers Anne Uebelacker, Grant Ito, Kris Jensen, Dave Wilson, Todd Fellegy
17 2006 (canceled) San Diego, CA (canceled) (canceled) (canceled) (canceled)
18 2007 Aug 17-19 Phoenix, AZ Embassy Suites Phoenix North Trip the Sunset Desert Valley Squares Sandie Bryant, Vic Ceder, Anne Uebelacker, Randy Dougherty, Michael Kellogg
19 2008 Sep 19-21 South San Francisco, CA Embassy Suites Push Open the Golden Gate Midnight Squares Clark Baker, Sandie Bryant, Vic Ceder, Anne Uebelacker, Rob French, Harlan Kerr, CJ Smith, John Sybalsky, Fen Tamanaha, Richard Tuck
20 2009 Oct 16-18 Albuquerque, NM Hotel MCM Elegante' Change Lanes To Route 66 Wilde Bunch Barry Clasper, Anne Uebelacker, Mike Jacobs, Del Powell, Ett McAtee
21 2010 Sep 24-26 Portland, OR Sheraton Portland Airport Zoom Into Portland Heads to the Center John Marshall, Todd Fellegy, Vic Ceder, Anne Uebelacker, Sandie Bryant, Michael McMullen, Scott Zinser
22 2011 Sep 16-18 Phoenix, AZ Embassy Suites Chase Your Neighbor Thru the Desert Desert Valley Squares Bill Haynes, Clark Baker, John Marshall, Sandie Bryant, Todd Fellegy
23 2012 Sep 14-16 Denver, CO Red Lion Hotel Denver Central Sock It To Me Rocky Mountain Rainbeaus Sandie Bryant, Vic Ceder, Barry Clasper, Geo Jedlicka, Anne Uebelacker, Bear Miller, Don Furnish
24 2013 Oct 11-13 Seattle, WA Seattle Airport Hilton & Conference Center Fiddle Around Puddletown Puddletown Squares Vic Ceder, Michael Kellogg, Sandie Bryant, Ross Howell, Anne Uebelacker
25 2014 Sep 5-7 Sacramento, CA Crowne Plaza Hotel Do The Funky Monkey Prime 8s Anne Uebelacker, Bronc Wise, Sandie Bryant, Vic Ceder, Jet Roberts
26 2015 Sep 25-27 Albuquerque, NM Albuquerque Marriott Turquoise Trail Thru Wilde Bunch Barry Clasper, Todd Fellegy, Anne Uebelacker, Bronc Wise, Kris Jensen
27 2016 Sep 30-Oct 2 San Francisco, CA Marriott San Mateo Patch the Bay Bridge Midnight Squares & Redwood Rainbows Lynette Bellini, John Bowman, Vic Ceder, Rob French, Michael Kellogg, Harlan Kerr, Fen Tamanaha, Bronc Wise
28 2017 Sep 29-Oct 1 Portland, OR Sheraton Portland Airport Hotel PDX Percolate Heads to the Center Sandie Bryant, Vic Ceder, Todd Fellegy, Ross Howell, Anne Uebelacker, Bronc Wise
29 2018 Sep 21-23 Phoenix, AZ Embassy Suites Phoenix/Scottsdale Phoenix Link Up Desert Valley Squares Sandie Bryant, Vic Ceder, Barry Clasper, Todd Fellegy, Bill Haynes
30 2019 Nov 1-3 Seattle, WA Seattle Airport Hilton & Conference Center Puddletown Grand Mix Puddletown Squares Sandie Bryant, Anne Uebelacker, Todd Fellegy, Rob French, Vic Ceder, Ryo Sasaki
31 2020 Aug 28-30 Palm Desert, CA JW Marriott Resort & Spa Criss Cross The Windmill Windmill Twirlers Vic Ceder, Rob French, Ross Howell, Michael Kellogg, CJ Smith
32 2021 Sep 3-5 Albuquerque, NM Albuquerque Marriott Uptown Cast A Shadow On The Rio Grande The Wilde Bunch Sandie Bryant, Vic Ceder, Anne Uebelacker, Todd Fellegy, Kris Jensen
33 2022 Sep 23-25 Denver, CO Sock It To Me, Again Rocky Mountain Rainbeaus