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[[File:AJHLogo-small.gif|thumb|right|alt=All Join Hands logo.|All Join Hands logo..]]
Multiple definitions exist for "All Join Hands":
"All Join Hands" refers to the "[http://www.alljoinhands.com All Join Hands Foundation, Ltd.]", which was formed in 2002, and registered with the United States Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt corporation.
The idea for All Join Hands came from a brainstorming session by a group of dedicated square dancers who attended the [[Make Magic]] convention in [[Vancouver]], British Columbia in 2001.
:[[All Join Hands (Charitable Foundation)]]
:[[All Join Hands (1984 IAGSDC Convention in Seattle, WA)]]
In 1995, [[Joe Petersen]], a member of the [[Rocky Mountain Rainbeaus]] in [[Denver]], left provisions in his will to give money to the International Association of Gay Square Dance Clubs (IAGSDC). The [[Petersen Fund]] was created as a result. Others have since inquired about how they could help further gay & lesbian square dancing.
All Join Hands is an Associate member of the IAGSDC and sits on the Governing Board of [[ARTS]] (Alliance of Round, Traditional and Square-Dance Inc.)

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