Anne Uebelacker

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Anne Uebelacker

Heads to the Center
Puddletown Squares
Squares Across the Border
Triangle Squares

Received 10 Year Medallion at Weave The Rose in 1998
Received 20 Year Medallion at Touch A Quarter Century in 2008
Received 25 Year Medallion at Weave Your Heart in San Francisco in 2013
Received 30 Year Medallion at Circle Back to Seattle in 2018

Received the Golden Boot Award from Bill Eyler and Luis Torres in 1995 and passed it on to Carol van Camp in 1996


RoundupApr1995cover.jpg Interview in April 1995 issue of Roundup Magazine

Golden Boot Award

In 1995, Bill Eyler and Luis Torres presented Anne with the Golden Boot Award.
In 1996, Anne presented the award to Carol Roberts.