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(From facebook)
(From facebook)
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- ''[[Sandie Bryant]]''
- ''[[Sandie Bryant]]''
Ben was the first teacher for Tinseltown Squares, before [[Scot Byars] took over about 1988. He did a great job getting this "new" club of the ground!<br>
Ben was the first teacher for Tinseltown Squares, before [[Scot Byars]] took over about 1988. He did a great job getting this "new" club of the ground!<br>
- ''[[Erin Byars]]''
- ''[[Erin Byars]]''

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Ben teller facebook obituary 2020-07-29.png

Ben Teller
31 Mar 1941 - 29 Jul 2020
Tinseltown Squares
Received 10 Year Medallion at Anchors Aweigh With a Half-Sashay in 2003


From Benjamin Britt

  • May I be filled with Loving Kindness.
  • May I be well.
  • May I be at peace and at ease.
  • May I be happy.
  • Benjamin Teller
  • March 31, 1941 - July 29, 2020

From facebook

We lost one of our founding fathers yesterday from prostate cancer. Our bodies ache with need to be with our loved ones to share, to mourn, to remember...
We love you Ben & Ben
- Tinseltown Squares

Such sad news. My condolences to you Ben, I'm so sorry Zak is gone.
- Michael Kellogg

Ben, so sorry for your loss. Rob
- Rob Daniel

So sorry for your loss Ben.
- Scott Lanier

I’m so sorry Ben. Randy and I were just talking about you yesterday. We send our love to you.
- Johnny Moran

Sincere condolences, we will miss him when we come and dance in North Hollywood
- Bibi-Square Orinx

I am so sorry for your loss. May his memory be a blessing. I have such good memories of him through the years.
- Denise Eger

My heart aches over your loss and our loss who knew him.
- Timothy Robinson

I was so sorry to hear of Ben’s passing. We had been friends for 31 years. He is who got me into square dancing. He had a full life and will be missed by many. Take care.
- John E Savage

I am so sorry for your loss
- Carlos Deviez

Holding you in my heart with all my love, dear friend. Hugs from afar 🤗
- Anne Teaford-Cantor'

So sorry.
- Art Aratin

Oh no! I’m so sad! May your husband Ben’s memory be for a blessing.
- Sharon Solomon

I am so sorry for your loss...❤ ❤
- Andree Valdry

So sorry for your loss, Ben
- Peter Anderson

Dearest Ben, so sorry for your loss. May Benjamin’s memory be a blessing❤️
- Kevin Moon

I'm sorry, Ben. He sounds like a good man. Take care of yourself.
- Jeff Odien'

Sending lots of hugs to you, my friend... wish I could give you one in person.
- Debby Stopp

Hello Ben, my deepest condolences for your loss. Sorry to hear about Ben. Seems like it was only yesterday when you guys were at one of my pool parties.
- James Fields

- Thom Cuong M. Dang

My condolences.
- Tim Brough

I'm so sorry to hear about Ben's passing. This is a sad day. My prayers are with him and my thoughts are with you.
- Jason Wittman

Oh Benjamin Britt, we are so so very sorry. One of my fondest memories of Ben was swing dancing with the senoras in Cuernavaca. I am grateful we have that lovely memory
- Lynn Lawrence

Ben, I am very sorry to hear about your beloved husband's passing. You two are great friends and have a special place in my heart for the two of you. Sending Virtual hugs and wishing we could be there for you. Stay strong my friend he will love you for eternity. Stay strong. Call if you ever need to talk to Joni or me. Hugs Chris
- Chris Clarke

Sending lots of love for this journey.
- Bill Eyler

Good bye, old friend.❤️
- Xan Maranya

So sorry for your loss. My deepest condolences ❤️
- Karishma Gurtu

I am so sorry for your loss. He was a good man
- Perry Ash

My condolences Ben on your husband's passing.
- Robert Hemedes

Sending you love and prayers during this difficult time.
- Jeffrey Peterson

I’m so sorry, Ben. Holding you in my heart.
- Glynnis Kaye

Dave and I send our deepest condolences.
- Thomas Trafelet

My deepest condolences, Benjamin. May you have the comfort and strength you need over the coming days and weeks.
- Jeff Hicks

So sorry for your loss Ben
- Jack Spero Gebhardt

I am sorry to hear about your loss. I square dance with him.
- Don Durkee

Goodbye Ben.
- Andre Rigden

I'm very sorry, Ben
- Chris Schmitt

A sad loss Ben. Best thoughts with you
- Jim Christiansen

Oh sweet friend. I am glad he was with you, at home, for his end days. Thinking of you, of him, and of the spark you both have brought to square dancing at Extravaganza. ❤
- Bex Clark

You are in our thoughts on this sad day. We will miss Ben's insight and wit. Stay well.
- Jeffrey Breslaw

So sorry, Ben.
- Mark N. Katz

You two were such fun and lovely couple to be with every time I saw you two. Ben will truly be missed. Take in comfort of knowing that he is truly resting in peace and no longer will suffer from fighting cancer anymore. Hang in there, my friend.
- Sklar K. Toy

Cancer is a miserable thing. So sorry that Ben had to go through that ride. Love and prayers to you!!!
- Joni Micals

I am so sorry for your loss.
- Osamu Miyabe

Love and peace to you, Ben.
- Suzanne Trotta

I am so sorry for your loss
- Greg Croushorn

So sorry for everyone loss
- Cheryl Lynn Smith

So very sorry, dear Benjamin Britt. Sending you love...
- Char Ullman

I am sorry that Ben is gone. He was a lovely person with a wonderful spirit. He had one of the most inquisitive minds. He just wanted to know everything. I will never forget the time we were in Coloma to see the spot where gold was discovered. Ben was mesmerized about the blacksmith shop. He wanted to know all about metal creation and therefore observed the process firsthand. He had quite a mind.
- John Paul Cox

Ben, Very Sorry for your loss! God Bless! Peace to you, his family, and friends! 🌈🌴🙏♥️🇺🇸. Eric and Jeff sincerely with love!
- Jeff Wise

With social distanced hugs and prayers of rest
- Paige Mercer Cummings

So sorry Ben. We have many fond memories of dancing with you both at Trailblazers and other events. Hold on to all of your wonderful memories and know you're surrounded by virtual hugs.❤️
- Pam Clasper

Oh Ben, I am so very sorry for your loss.
- Will Hildreth

Our sympathy is with you. Bert and Chris. May you know peace
- Bert Cassan

Sorry sorry to hear about Ben's passing. Sending my love to you.
- Gary Crews

Love going your way. Wishing I could be g thy here to wrap you in a loving hug.😢💕
- Frances Glenn

Hugs and love ❤️
- Anne Uebelacker

A very special man, with a very big heart, and a spark of very special magic. I was talking to Ben at the very moment when my dear sweet husband of 27 years walked over to me for the first time and said, “Hi.”
- Paul Waters

I'm so very sorry for your loss, Ben.
- Shelly Bradley Evangelou

My heart goes out to you.
- Danny Bozarth

Sending you love and peace. We have many great memories to look on.
- Charles Goldman

He was always a pleasure to dance with. He will be missed. I hope his husband Ben will continue to be part of the square dance community
- Joyce Robinson

I'm sorry to learn of Ben's passing. I didn't know him well, but always looked forward to seeing him at dance events. RIP
- JW Paulson

Good bye, old friend. ❤️
- Xan Maranya

RIP Ben. You will be missed.
- Sandie Bryant

Ben was the first teacher for Tinseltown Squares, before Scot Byars took over about 1988. He did a great job getting this "new" club of the ground!
- Erin Byars