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*staff caller at
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**[[Star Thru The Golden Gate]]
**[[Star Thru The Golden Gate]]

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Bert Millard Swerer
04 Jan 1933 ~ 05 Jul 2018

From the Program Book for the 3rd IAGSDC Convention, held in San Francisco in 1986:
In his spare time Bert enjoys puttering with his computer -- not that he has much spare time, for Bert not only calls for two Bay Area clubs, but also has been employed as publications manager for Pumptron for 31 years. In addition, he owns, along with his wife, Ronda, BRS Square Dance Records and Engraving in San Pablo. a native of Berkeley, Bert bagan square dancing in 1963 and by 1968 was a graduate of calling classes run by Bill Peters and the late Bill Castner. An unexpected beneft of calling was bis marriage to Ronda, one of his square dance students; they now have three grandchildren.