Bill Eyler

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From the Program Book of the 8th IAGSDC Convention, held in Miami, FL in 1991:
Mix and match facts: Nicknamed "Billibob" and "Silver Throat". Age 36. Currently beardless. Interest piqued in gay square dancing in 1983. Coerced into teaching 1984. In his addiction, also learned clogging, round dancing, C&W, Latin dancing. Currently club calling in Santa Fe and Albuquerque three nights a week, and guest calling several dozen times per year wherever the winds take him.

Self-employed as a small business accountant, but first love is calling and dancing; aspirations of full-time calling. Second love is the frustration of gardening in a desert climate.

Graduated from Louisiana Tech University, a fascinating study in small town colleges. Coincidentally, this is the rival college of Freeman Stamper's Alma Mater of Northeast Louisiana University, a mere 30 miles away. (He graduated years earlier, though!)

Happily attached to his lovely dance partner, Jim Bialey, for over 12 years, going on a lifetime.

Have definite opinions that everyone should be exposed to Friendship Set to Music!

Bill is also member of Callerlab, N.M. State CAllers Assn., Central N.M. Callers Club (offier 3 of psat 4 years).