Bob Moore

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John Robert Moore
19 Nov 1930 - 07 Aug 1998
Cream City Squares


In Memory of J. Robert Moore

Milwaukee — Community leader J. Robert (Bob) Moore died at 4am, August 7 at Sinai Hospital from non-Hodgkins lymphoma. His family was at his side at his peaceful end. Memorial Services were held this past weekend in Milwaukee at the Village Church, where he was an active member.

Shortly after arriving in Milwaukee in 1971, the Princeton alumni quickly lent his energy to existing organizations. He was a retired Executive Director of the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee’s master of business adminstration program. For a brief time, he served as a Special Assistant to the Chancellor at UWM.

Bob’s involvement in the Milwaukee Gay and Lesbian community goes back 25 years. He served as Treasurer of,Gay People’s Union, hosted the opening reception for the Cream City Business Association, served on the board of the Lambda Rights Network, and served as the sports director for PrideFest where he spent countless hours preparing for the Miller Lite Volleyball Tournament.

He was to receive PrideFest’s Lifetime Achievement Award during the festival on August 30 for his overwhelming contributions to the community.

In addition to his organizational involvement, Bob was a mentor, advisor and friend to many individuals in the community. One of those was Wisconsin Light Editor, Bill Meunier. “When I was first coming out, Bob introduced me to people and gave me good advice,” said Meunier. "Later on he was always there with encouragement and support for the projects I’ve gotten involved with. This is a devastating loss for us all."

What significantly stands out in Bob’s contributions to the community is the number of times he played a key role in the formation of new organizations or served in a leadership capacity. The list is impressive: organizer of the walking component of Frontrunners of Milwaukee; co-founder of the Public Officials Reception Committee; co-founder of Cream City Squares; founder and officer of the Log Cabin Club of Wisconsin; founder, treasurer, president and editor of Milwaukee’s GAMMA; co-chair of the first national assembly in July, 1978, of Lutheran’s Concerned-WI. All these organizations are still going strong.

Bob’s contribution to the missions of these very diverse organizations has had a direct impact on literally hundreds, if not thousands, of people and has enhanced our community as a whole by providing us with the means to funnel our energies for various causes. We are fortunate that Bob’s path brought him to Milwaukee. Because of Bob Moore, our history is richer and our future holds greater opportunities for LGBT people within our community.[1]



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