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'''Brad Alan Olmstead'''<br>
'''Brad Alan Olmstead'''<br>
'''04 Apr 1962 - 25 Sep 2008'''<br>
'''04 Apr 1962 - 25 Sep 2008'''<br>
[[Boots in Squares]]
[[Boots in Squares]]   '''Memorial panel'''  4UR

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Brad Alan Olmstead
04 Apr 1962 - 25 Sep 2008
Boots in Squares Memorial panel 4UR


OLMSTEAD, Brad A. 1962 - 2008

My dear brother died September 25 after a short illness. He was born April 4, 1962 in Spokane, WA to our parents Joe and Virginia Olmstead. I was in high school when he was born and I think that my homeroom was at least as excited about his birth as our family was. He was the largest baby in the nursery, had lots of reddish brown hair and cowlicks going every which way! Brad attended Roosevelt and Fields Grade Schools, Havermale Jr. High and North Central High School. While at NC, he was Drum Major and met his favorite teacher, Mrs. Haugen. He attended Spokane Community College, then headed for adventure in Las Vegas, Portland, San Francisco and Palm Springs. He owned his own bookkeeping business and met lots of interesting people along the way. He had the opportunity to travel to Europe. His favorite place was the Greek Islands and he saw as much of the USA as possible. Brad was a happy child. He always seemed to know what he wanted and even disappointment didn't knock him down. As he grew into a young adult, we didn't always see things the same way, mostly that brother-sister stuff. Our family ties were strong and in later years we really enjoyed each other's company and talked as often as possible. He was fun to be around and always had great stories to tell. Brad was a son, a brother, an uncle, a nephew, a cousin, a friend. Our world will be a little quieter, a little sadder without him. Our Dad, Joe Olmstead preceded Brad in death. He is survived by his Mom, Virginia Davis, his sister, Paula Wittstruck, his nephew and wife, Will and Valerie Wittstruck, several Aunts and Uncles, many cousins and friends.[1]


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