Bruce Hawkins

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Bruce N Hawkins
? - 01 Mar 1987
Times Squares Memorial Panel 2UL


HAWKINS — Dr. Bruce N. Died Sunday , March 1, 1987 at St. Vincent’s Hospital after a brief illness. Dr. Hawkins was Director of Medical Research at Cologne Reinsurance Corp, Stamford, Ct and lived in Manhattan. He was 44 years old. Dr. Hawkins moved to the US in 1983, prior to that he was affiliated with Canada Life Insurance, Toronto. Born in Monmouth, Gwent, U.K. He received his medical training at the University of Birmingham, England. Surviving Dr. Hawkins are his mother, Winnifred; his brother, Clive, and sister-in-law Patricia; and two nieces.[1]


BRUCE HAWKINS, a tribute
I did not know Bruce very well since we actually socialized on only two occasions. We had met, as we all do, at one of the dance sessions for Times Squares, and I always found a warm greeting each time we met. I got to know him better at a small dinner party given by our mutual friend, Peter Rivera, and we visited while sailing across the Hudson on the Staten Island Ferry on our way home. He accepted an invitation for dinner at my apartment earlier this year. He was very pleasant company, and a very warm human being. His passing leaves a void in the Times Squares and I will miss him.
— Mac[2]

The Club will make a donation to the University of Birmingham, England in memory of Bruce Hawkins.[3]



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