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CALLERLAB is the international association of square dance callers.

With roots going back to the mid-1960s, CALLERLAB's core leadership formed in 1971 and the first CALLERLAB convention was held in 1974.

Today, CALLERLAB maintains the "program lists" and definitions of calls from Basic/Mainstream through C-3A.

CALLERLAB fosters professional development and caller training, as well as promoting square dancing and related dance forms.

CALLERLAB offers BMI and ASCAP licensing to its members.

Mission Statement

The CALLERLAB Mission Statement is:

As a professional organization, drawn together by our love of the activity, we work to serve square dancing and associated dance forms by providing professional leadership, educational materials, and a common means for exchanging communications through a central office and a yearly international convention.

We do this by fostering:

  1. Open communication among callers, dancers, and leaders of the activity.
  2. High standards of dance practice, responsibility, and ethics among all leaders of dancing.
  3. Continuing education and training of callers and associated dance leaders, by establishing standard curricula, training materials, and accreditation standards.
  4. Increased awareness of the fun and benefits of square dancing and associated dance forms.
  5. Cooperation with other organizations promoting recreational dancing.

As an organization of square dance callers, part of our mission is to provide education and guidance to the callers. CALLERLAB also maintains information (lists, definitions, and other information) on a variety of dance program from Basic through C-3A.


  • The IAGSDC by-laws (PDF) state that member clubs must follow the standard square dance programs prescribed by CALLERLAB.
  • At 1989's Peel The Apple IAGSDC convention, the staff callers included CALLERLAB executive director John Kaltenthaler and several other CALLERLAB members and caller coaches. They held a brief Introduction to Calling session during convention.
  • In the early and mid 1990s, there were several "birds-of-a-feather" sessions at CALLERLAB conventions on the topic of calling for Gay and Lesbian square dance clubs.
  • Since 199?, the IAGSDC has been officially represented and recognized at CALLERLAB annual conventions, along with representatives of other national and international dance organizations.
  • On several occasions the Chairman of the Board of Governors of CALLERLAB has addressed the IAGSDC delegates meeting at our annual convention.

The IAGSDC and CALLERLAB are both founding members of the ARTS-Dance Foundation.


  • Members of the Gay Callers Association (GCA) have belonged to CALLERLAB and attended the annual CALLERLAB convention every year since 1990(?). Today, GCA members (both gay and straight) serve on CALLERLAB committees, serve as committee chairmen and vice-chairmen, and serve on the CALLERLAB Board of Governors.
  • The GCA Caller School often hires CALLERLAB Accredited Caller Coaches for its annual caller school.

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