Casper Noto

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Casper John Noto
06 May 1943 - `5 Jan 1993
Times Squares


Member Casper Noto passed away at home over the holidays from AIDS. Casper was a “plus” dancer and attended our convention in Scottsdale, Arizona. He was very active in other organizations before his illness. I first met him in SUNDANCE, where he helped form “Gay Friends and Neighbors of Manhattan”. During that organization’s existence, he served on their board of directors every year, and always won by popular vote. He helped organize some wonderful events, especially the first “Camp-O-Ree” which has been taken over by SUNDANCE. Casper also helped with volunteering for the homeless.

He was very outgoing, and his warm personality will be missed by his many friends. He was fortunate that he never had to go to the hospital, and was surrounded by his caring family when he passed away. --Mac McCarthy[1]


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