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|[[El Camino Reelers]]
|[[El Camino Reelers]]
|Palo Alto, CA
|Palo Alto, CA
|[http://www.reelers.org/ Website]   
|[http://www.reelers.org/ [[File:ecr-logo.gif|link=http://www.reelers.org/]]]   

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Tentatively, this will be a sortable table of clubs, including:

Club Name
Year Started
Status (active,inactive,unknown)
Dance Levels

What else needs to go into this table? Founder(s)? Caller(s)? Number of club members? Classes? Contact information?

Please ensure that a link is included to each club's official IAGSDC page/profile, if one exists.

Club City Website Dance programs Founded Status
Alamo City Wranglers San Antonio, TX Website MS-Plus 1990 Active
Anywhere Squares Anywhere Website Active
Bloomin’ Squares Pasadena, CA Website MS-Plus 1997 Active
Boots in Squares Palm Springs, CA Website MS-A2 Active
BOQ Seattle, WA C1- Active
Boston Uncommons Boston, MA Website MS-A@ 2002 Active
C-Dogs Beaverton, OR Challenge Unknown
Cadillac Squares Detroit, MI Website MS-A2 1992 Active
Capital City Squares Sacramento, CA Website MS-Plus Active
Champlain Valley Rainbow Squares Burlington, VT Active
Chesapeake Squares Baltimore, MD Website MS-A2 1986 Active
Chi-Town Squares Chicago, IL Website MS-C1 Active
Cleveland City Country Dancers Cleveland, OH Website MS-Plus 1987 Active
Cotton Pickin’ Squares Memphis, TN Website MS-Plus 1991 Active
Cream City Squares Milwaukee, WI Website MS-Plus 1991 Active
Cuesta Squares San Luis Obispo, CA Website MS-Plus Active
DC Lambda Squares Washington, DC Website MS-A2 1981 Active
Delmarvelous Squares Rehoboth Beach/Lewis, DE Website Active
Desert Valley Squares Phoenix, AZ Website MS-Challenge 1985 Active
Diablo Dancers Walnut Creek, CA Website MS-Plus 1992 Active
Edo 8’s Tokyo, Japan Active
El Camino Reelers Palo Alto, CA Ecr-logo.gif Plus-Advanced 1985 Active
Finest City Squares San Diego, CA Website MS-A2 Active
Foggy City Dancers San Francisco, CA Website MS-Plus 1983 Active
Gateway Squares St. Louis, MO Website MS-A2 2003 Active
Golden State Squares Santa Ana, CA Website MS-A2 1986 Active
Grand River Squares Grand Rapids, MI Website MS-Plus Active
Heads to the Center Portland, OR Website Adv 1990 Active
High Desert Squares Yucca Valley, CA Unknown
Hotlanta Squares Atlanta, GA Website MS-Challenge 2001 Active
Independence Squares Philadelphia, PA Website MS-C1 1988 Active
Iron City Squares Pittsburgh, PA MS-A2 Active
Lilac Squares Rochester, NY MS Active
Lone Star Lambdas Austin, TX Website MS-Plus 2006 Active
Madcap Squares Madison, WI
Midnight Squares San Francisco, CA Website A2-C3A 1982 Active
Mile High Squares Denver, CO Disbanded - late 80’s?
Oaktown 8’s Oakland, CA Website MS-Plus 2004 Active
Ocean Squares Carlsbad, CA Website Active
Ottawa Date Squares Ottawa, ON Website 1995 Inactive
Prime 8s Sacramento, CA Website A2- Active
Puddletown Squares Seattle, WA Website MS-A2 1982 Active
Raleighwood Squares Durham, NC Website Active
Reel Rebels Las Vegas, NV MS Active
Rocky Mountain Rainbeaus Denver, CO Website MS-C1 1984 Active
Rosetown Ramblers Portland, OR Website MS- Plus Active
Sho-Me Squares Kansas City, MO Website MS-Plus 1993 Active
Shoreline Squares Long Beach, CA Website MS- 1996 Active
South Florida Mustangs Fort Lauderdale, FL Website MS-A2 Active
Spin Cycle Squares Eugene, OR Website MS-A1 Active
Squares Across the Border Vancouver, BC Website MS-C3A 1983 Active
Suncoast Squares St. Petersburg, FL Website MS-Plus 2005 Active
T Squares Tucson, AZ Website MS-A2 Active
Temple Squares Salt Lake City, UT Website MS 2008 Active
Times Squares New York, NY Website MS-C2 1985 Active
Tinsletown Squares West Hollywood, CA Website MS-C2 1987 Active
Triangle Squares Toronto, ON Website MS-C2 1987 Active
Western Star Dancers San Francisco, CA Website MS-Plus 1982 Active
Wilde Bunch Albuquerque, NM Website MS-C1 1983 Active