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|[[Redwood Rainbows]]
|[[Redwood Rainbows]]

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Pam Clasper is the editor for this section. Please contact her with questions and comments about content for this section.

This is intended to include ALL clubs within the IAGSDC - past and present.

If you know of a club that is not listed here, please add it, or send the information to Pam.

There is a suggested template on each club's page to give you ideas of the sort of information to include. Please feel free to add any other information about your club - we want as much information as possible about each club.

Send Pam your ideas.

Club City Website Dance programs Founded Status
Alamo City Wranglers San Antonio, TX Club-alamo.jpg MS-Plus 1990 Active
Anywhere Squares Anywhere Club-anywhere.gif 2005 Active
Big D Longhorns Dallas, TX Club-bigd.jpg MS-Plus 1995
Bloomin’ Squares Pasadena, CA Club-bloomin.png MS-Plus 1997 Active
Boots in Squares Palm Springs, CA Club-boots.gif MS-A2 1993 Active
BOQ Seattle, WA C1-C3 1985 Active
Boston Uncommons Boston, MA Club-boston.jpg MS-A2 2002 Active
C-Dogs Beaverton, OR Challenge Unknown
Cadillac Squares Detroit, MI Club-cadillac.gif MS-A2 1992 Active
Capital City Squares Sacramento, CA Club-capcity.jpg MS-Plus 1981 Active
Champlain Valley Rainbow Squares Burlington, VT Club-champlain.JPG 2008 Active
Chesapeake Squares Baltimore, MD Club-chesapeake.jpg MS-A2 1986 Active
Chi-Town Squares Chicago, IL Club-chitown.png MS-C1 1987 Active
Chinook City Dance Club Calgary, AB
Cleveland City Country Dancers Cleveland, OH Club-cleveland.gif MS-Plus 1987 Active
Cotton Pickin’ Squares Memphis, TN Club-cotton.jpg MS-Plus 1991 Active
Cream City Squares Milwaukee, WI Club-creamcity.gif MS-Plus 1991 Active
Cuesta Squares San Luis Obispo, CA Club-cuesta.jpg MS-Plus 1997 Active
Dairyland Rainbow Squares Madison, WI 1995 inducted unknown
DC Lambda Squares Washington, DC Club-dclambda.gif MS-A2 1982 Active
Delmarvalous Squares Rehoboth Beach/Lewes, DE Club-delmarvalous.jpg Active
Desert Valley Squares Phoenix, AZ Club-desert.gif MS-Challenge 1983 Active
Diablo Dancers Walnut Creek, CA Club-diablo.jpg MS-Plus 1992 Active
Edo 8’s Tokyo, Japan MS-Plus 1998 Active
El Camino Reelers Palo Alto, CA Club-reelers.gif Plus-A2 1985 Active
Emerald City Squares Seattle, WA Plus 1983
Empire Squares Riverside, CA Club-empire.jpg 1998 Folded 2008
Finest City Squares San Diego, CA Club-finest.jpg MS-A2 1989 Active
Foggy City Dancers San Francisco, CA Club-foggy.jpg MS-Plus 1983 Active
Garden St8s Somerset, NJ Club-gardenst8.gif 1995 inducted Folded ????
Gateway Squares St. Louis, MO Club-gateway.PNG MS-A2 2003 Active
Gold Rush Dancers San Francisco, CA folded 1996?
Golden State Squares Santa Ana, CA Club-golden.gif MS-A2 1986 Active
Grand River Squares Grand Rapids, MI Club-grandriver.gif MS-Plus 1988 Active
Heads to the Center Portland, OR Club-heads.gif Adv 1990 Active
High Desert Squares Yucca Valley, CA 1999 Folded 2010
High Desert Stars Santa Fe, NM 1991 Folded ????
Hotlanta Squares Atlanta, GA Club-hotlanta.jpg MS-Challenge 2001 Active
Independence Squares Philadelphia, PA Club-independence.jpg MS-C1 1988 Active
Indy Tri Squares Indianapolis, IN MS-Plus 1996 Unknown
Iron City Squares Pittsburgh, PA Club-ironcity.gif MS-A2 1995 Active
Lavender Country and Folk Dancers Boston, MA Club-lcfd.gif Contra, Square, English Country, Folk 1989 Active
Lilac Squares Rochester, NY MS 2008 Active
Lismore Scooters East Balina, NSW, AU 1994 inducted Folded ????
Lone Star Lambdas Austin, TX Club-lonestar.png MS-Plus 2006 Active
Madcap Squares Madison, WI 2002 Folded 2010
Magic City Diamonds Birmingham, AL 1997 Unknown
Mass Conn Fusion Squares Hartford, CT 2003 Folded 2006
MC2 Boyds, MD 1994 Folded ????
Mermaid Squares Copenhagen, Denmark Club-mermaid.gif 2001 Folded 2006
Midnight Squares San Francisco, CA Club-midnight.gif A2-C3A 1982 Active
Mile High Squares Denver, CO 1982 Folded 1988
Minnesota Wild Roses 1991 Folded 2005
Mission Squares Santa Barbara, CA 1996 Folded 2008
Neon Squares Las Vegas, NV 1991 Folded 2007
Oaktown 8’s Oakland, CA Club-oaktown.gif MS-Plus 2004 Active
Ocean Squares Carlsbad, CA Club-ocean.gif Active
Ohio City Squares Cleveland, OH 1994 inducted Folded ????
Ottawa Date Squares Ottawa, ON Club-date.png 1995 Inactive
Pride Promenaders Sacramento, CA admitted 1998 Folded ????
Prime 8s Sacramento, CA Club-prime8.gif A2- 1985 Active
Puddletown Squares Seattle, WA Club-puddletown.gif MS-A2 1982 Active
Rainbow Wranglers Eugene, OR Club-rainbowwranglers.gif 1993 Folded 2005
Raleighwood Squares Durham, NC Club-raleighwood.jpg 1995 Folded ???
Redwood Rainbows Sebastopol, CA Club-redwood.jpg MS-Plus 2007 Active
Reel Rebels Las Vegas, NV Club-reelrebels.jpg MS-Challenge 2007 Active
Rocket City Rainbows Huntsville, AB 1991 Folded 2003
Rocky Mountain Rainbeaus Denver, CO Club-rainbeaus.gif MS-C1 1984 Active
Rosetown Ramblers Portland, OR Club-rosetown.gif MS- Plus 1983 Active
Royalty Squares Los Angeles, CA 1993 Folded 2002
Santa Cruz Squares Santa Cruz, CA Club-santacruz.gif 1996 Folded 2004
Seaway Rainbow Squares Cornwall, ON Club-seaway.jpg 2004 Folded 2006
See-Me Squares Simi Valley, CA 1995 Folded 2001
Sequoia Ocean Waves CA Club-sequoia.gif
Sho-Me Squares Kansas City, MO Club-shome.gif MS-Plus 1994 Active
Shoreline Squares Long Beach, CA Club-shoreline.gif MS- 1996 Active
Siskiyou Swingers Ashland, OR 1997 Unknown
South Florida Mustangs Fort Lauderdale, FL Club-mustangs.gif MS-A2 1977 Active
Spin Cycle Squares Eugene, OR Club-spincycle.gif MS-A1 2004 Active
Squares Across the Border Vancouver, BC Club-border.gif MS-C3A 1983 Active
Sun Coast Wranglers Tampa, FL
Suncoast Squares St. Petersburg, FL Club-suncoast.jpg MS-Plus 2004 Active
Susquehanna Squares Harrisburg, PA 1995 Unknown
T Squares Tucson, AZ Club-tsquares.gif MS-A2 1985 Active
Temple Squares Salt Lake City, UT Club-temple.gif MS 2008 Active
Times Squares New York, NY Club-times.jpg MS-C2 1984 Active
Tinseltown Squares West Hollywood, CA Club-tinseltown.png MS-C2 1987 Active
Triangle Squares Toronto, ON Club-triangle.GIF MS-C2 1987 Active
Western Star Dancers San Francisco, CA Club-western.gif MS-Plus 1982 Active
Wilde Bunch Albuquerque, NM Club-bunch.gif MS-C1 1983 Active


SquareUp! issue 1 - clubs admitted in 1994, issue 4 - clubs admitted in 1995