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Tentatively, this will be a sortable table of clubs, including:

Club Name
Year Started
Status (active,inactive,unknown)
Dance Levels

What else needs to go into this table? Founder(s)? Caller(s)? Number of club members? Classes? Contact information?

Please ensure that a link is included to each club's official IAGSDC page/profile, if one exists.

Midnight Squares

Club City Website Dance programs Founded Status
Anywhere Squares Anywhere Website Active
Boots in Squares Palm Springs, CA Website MS-A2 Active
Desert Valley Squares Phoenix, AZ Website MS-Challenge 1985 Active
Edo 8’s Tokyo, Japan Active
El Camino Reelers Palo Alto, CA Website MS-Plus 1985 Active
Oaktown 8’s Oakland, CA Website MS-Plus 2004 Active
Ottawa Date Squares Ottawa, ON Website 1995 Inactive
Shoreline Squares Long Beach, CA Website MS- 1996 Active
Squares Across the Border Vancouver, BC Website MS-C3A 1983 Active
T Squares Tucson, AZ Website MS-A2 Active
Triangle Squares Toronto, ON Website MS-C2 1987 Active