Darren Gallina

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Darren Gallina's official web page can be found at darrengallina.com
Darren Gallina's official facebook fan page can be found here

Darren began dancing at age 13, called his first dance at age 15, and has kept it up for over 30 years. He lives on California's Central Coast. He calls for Cuesta Squares, Hoedowners, and Promenaders. He's called at numerous Fly-Ins.

He is a founder fo the CROSSFIRE square dance band. And is a recording artist on Coyote, Big Mac, Scope, and Faultline record labels.

Darren has been on the staff of: Wish Upon A Thar, Swing Me in St. Louis, Belles Run Philadelphia 2019

He received his 10 year Medallion at Touch A Quarter Century in 2008.