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*[[Early FCD]] by [[Bob Kanefsky]]
* [[Early FCD]] by [[Bob Kanefsky]]
* Some members traveled to Russia as part of [[Pink Triangles in Red Square]]

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Location: San Francisco, CA, USA

Website: foggycity.org

Started: 1983

Admitted to IAGSDC:

Status: Active

History: spun off from the original Foggy City Squares. FCD had an exhibition team - the Foggy City Performance Team - that was active from 198?-????


Club Caller[s]: Joe Frazier, Ren Brown, Bill Whitefield, Harlan Kerr, Andy Shore (1992-2004), and others

Levels: MS-A2

Dance Location[s]:

Fly-Ins Hosted:

Conventions Hosted:



  • FCD "Squaroling" in San Francisco (two parts):
Foggy City Squaroling Part 1 of 2
Foggy City Squaroling Part 2 of 2