Honky Tonk Queen

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A bunch of Old Queens
A bunch of Old Queens: photo by Greeley Walker
Circle Back to Seattle: Honky Tonk Queen Pageant (2018)
The Ronda Fox Show IAGSDC Honky Tonk Pageant (1989)
1992 Honky Tonk Queen Contest - Entrance of Dominique de Fontainebleau
Diamond Lane and the Rest Stop Romeos at the 2016 Honky Tonk Queen Contest

Every year at the IAGSDC convention, a new Queen is chosen. The judges evaluate contestants on deportment, personality, dress sense and talent. Most years they find none of these qualities in any contestant, so pick the winner by rolling dice.

A more detailed write-up of the HTQ Contest and traditions (such as they are) can be found here: Guide_Chapters_25-26#Honky_Tonk_Queens

1984-6 Ms. Virginia Slim

1987 Sybil

1988 Pam Demonium

1989 Tami Wynotte

1990 Layona Davenport

1991 Dominique Fontainbleu

1992 Carmina Putana

1993 Moolena

1994 Donna Matrix

1995 Lois Carmen D'Nominator

1996 Elvis

1997 Virginia Hamm

1998 The Christmas Belles--Belle Whatling, Belle Epoch, Belle Poitrine and Belle E. Button

1999 Muriel

2000 Ucanleime Amy

2001 Mary Gold and The Big Boned Girls

2002 Lady Di-Amel

2003 Gypsum Rock Lee

2004 Lily White and her Spermettes

2005 (The Fabulous) Cow Patty

2006 Wilma Titzgro

2007 Mustang Mary

2008 Iona Doublewide (HTQ 2008 winning lip-sync)

2009 Mrs. Manischewitz

2010 Ima Cornholer

2011 Lesley Gore-Tex

2012 Davy Jones and Dick Clark (aka "The Zombie Entourage")

2013 The Barf Sisters - Ivana & Igotta (Honkey Tonk Queen 2013 IAGSDC Improve Winning Act)

2014 Olive de Bottom (IAGSDC Honky Tonk Queen 2014 - Olive de Bottom)

2015 Mary Juana (2015 Honky Tonk Queen Contest)

2016 Freeda Evryone

2017 Diamond Lane

2018 Jayne Dawn de Lyon

More videos below:

Honky Tonk Queen Memories: 25 Years of Mediocrity
Brief clip showing an HTQ square in Denver 2007