Jennifer Hughes

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At a square dance, Nov 2009

Jennifer Hughes
Capital City Squares
22 Nov 1967 - 31 Aug 2016
Prime 8s Memorial Panel 4UL


This is sad news. I stumbled across this just now. Jennifer Hughes was someone I would always seek out at convention to dance at least one tip with. She was so much fun to dance with. Been a few years since I last saw her since I don't think she was actively dancing anymore.
Carl Wyckoff[1]

It is with shock and sadness that I report the passing of former Capital City Squares and Prime 8's club member Jennifer Hughes. I heard about it today from Peggy Shumway (former CCS club caller), who reported that Jennifer passed in her sleep on August 31. She was in Arizona preparing take a big trip, from Mexico to Canada, with her motorcycle group. Her beloved daughter, Lauren, had just been married a few weeks before. A memorial gathering was held yesterday. She was an amazing woman who taught us all a lot about pursuing your dreams. She will be missed.
Karen Schmidt[2]



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