Keith Pilopovich

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Keith Allen Pilopovich
12 May 1953 - 23 May 1991
Gold Rush

Memories of Gold Rush

by Monte Raush circa 1996

Our other Keith, KEITH PILIPOVICH, was not able to dance with the group for long. The disease strikes everyone differently and for him, it was like a slow paralysis. He was bedridden for over six months. Never complained, but always wished to be able to dance again. He was a very shy, quiet man. Never a bad word about anyone! He was also a Teddy Bear. He loved to hug! But his biggest asset was his "Bedroom Eyes". Everyone mentioned that it always looked like he was just "waking up". Keith always gave it 100 percent. He would come to rehearsals with his work sheets in hand and study his parts while others were talking. He didn't want to make any mistakes - and took it hard when he did. Keith was one of those people who stayed in the background while helping others out. He was good with a thread and needle (always a bonus with this group), and came to the rescue many times. He was also a waiter at The Cove restaurant. This was another bonus - especially when Gold Rush needed to "borrow" kitchen items for Fund Raisers, Beer Busts, and other get togethers. We're still going strong down here, Keith, and I hope you're having a great time up there! HUGS!!!