Ken Gardner

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Kenneth Hugh Gardner
20 Feb 1931 - 19 Sep 1994
Times Squares


Ken Gardner passed away at the end of September. Ken was a member of the class that graduated in the spring of 1990 and danced several years with the club.

Kenny was one of the two people that came from Long Island in that particular class. I was the other. Kenny was a warm and as sweet man. In a very fast and changing world that epithet is no small accolade. He was one of the best listeners that a person could ever hope for. And he had a store of the most excellent advice in the world to offer.

He was a man that was willing to do and to push and to dare. And he never gave in. He took chances, he created dreams. He made his peace with the world. He never gave into his illness. Few people in the club ever knew he was sick.

Ken is survived his lover Tony. They had known each other since high school and their love had grown through the years. In Ken’s eulogy, Tony quoted from W.H. Auden: “He was my north, my south, my east and west, my working week and my Sunday rest.”

Ken Gardner will be missed by many people. He will live in the memory and the hearts of his numerous friends. One of Ken’s favorite expressions was “get over it Rose.” Well, Rose, I think even you have gotten over this, your latest escapade, already. -- Eddie Careri[1]


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