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'''Lois Evelyn Dickerman'''<br>
'''Lois Evelyn Dickerman'''<br>
'''03 Apr 1945 - 05 Jan 2008'''<br>
'''03 Apr 1945 - 05 Jan 2008'''<br>
[[Wilde Bunch]]
[[Wilde Bunch]] '''Memorial panel''' [[2LR]]<br>

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Lois Evelyn Dickerman
03 Apr 1945 - 05 Jan 2008
Wilde Bunch Memorial panel 2LR


Lois Evelyn Dickerman - born April 3, 1945 in Springfield, VT, to Harry Eugene Parks Dickerman and Eleanor Dean Dickerman. Raised in Erie, PA, she earned BA and MA degrees in Counseling, a BA in Industrial Arts, and a MA in Spiritual Psychology. She loved to learn! She pursued many career paths. She was a HS Counselor, she taught Industrial Arts and finished her career as a Guidance Counselor at Harrison MS for 23 dedicated years where she gave her heart and soul. Lois also served in the NM Natl. Guard. Some personal passions included flying airplanes, riding motorcycles, photography and woodworking. Lois was an incredible Poet! Lois (LED) was a Presence in the Community! Her tentacles reached out to touch so many. She was instrumental in starting the Emanuel Metropolitan Community Church (EMCC). She was involved with the political groundbreaking legislation against anti-hate crimes and for Gay and Lesbian rights. She lead the "Under 21 Group" that supported GLBT teens. She was active in "Safe Zone" providing a safe haven for students. She was highly involved in the APS Counseling Community. She was active in LENS Insight Training Seminars and with that community. She was a licensed Practitioner in Religious Science at ACSL and embodied the principle that "Giving and Receiving are One!" Lois is survived by her dad's "Six Million," including sister, Esther Henninger, brother-in-law, David Henninger and their children, Tracy, Libby, Geoffrey, and Dianna of Denver, CO; sister, Ruth Bennett and lifetime partner, Tom Bobrowicz of Erie, PA; brother, Stephen Dickerman and son Stephen Jr. of Wileksbarre, PA; sister, Mary Van Guilder and husband, Bob, their daughter, Jenny and her daughter, Skye; and brother, Jonathan Dickerman, his wife, Cindy and dog, Jessie, of Erie, PA. A Memorial Celebration will be held at the Albuquerque Center for Spiritual Living, 2801 Louisiana Blvd. NE (881-4311), on Sunday, January 13, 2008 at 5:00 p.m. Reception will follow. Lois had "more children than she can count all over this desert town." In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to "The Lunch Bunch Group" at Harrison MS or "Safe Zone" in APS.[1]


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