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10/25 Project Status as of 7/2/09: Primary Table of Contents is complete. See below.

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Awards (This section needs additional content)

Golden Boot Award

List of Golden Boot Award Recipients


10 Year Medallions - Recipients
20 Year Medallions - Recipients
25 Year Medallions - Recipients

Callers (This section needs additional content)

Clark Baker
Sandie Bryant
Deborah Carroll-Jones
Vic Ceder
Barry Clasper
Tim Crawford
Mike DeSisto
Bill Eyler
Rob French
Betsy Gotta
Dayle Hodge
Mike Jacobs
Kris Jensen
Mike Kellogg
Harlan Kerr
Seth Levine
Nick Martellacci
Nick Martellaci
Ett McAtee
Bear Miller
Howard Richman
Andy Shore
CJ Smith
John Sybalsky
Anne Uebelacker
Dave Wilson
Bronc Wise

Clubs (This section needs additional content)

(List of all IAGSDC clubs - please denote inactives as "[inactive]".)

Events (This section needs additional content)


Staging Convention
IAGSDC Convention Advisory Board
The Twins' Guide To Staging Convention
Stories About Staging Convention
Anniversary Fly-In (Vancouver, BC)
Crossfire (Chicago, IL)
Load The Boat (Cleveland, OH)
Pass the Ocean, Hon! (Rehoboth Beach, DE)
Pass the Sea (San Diego, CA)
ACDC (East Coast A&C Fly-In)
West Coast A&C (Various locations)

IAGSDC (This section needs additional content)

Charter Clubs
Legal Status
Organizational Structure

Individuals (This section needs additional content)

(People who have made significant contributions to the IAGSDC and/or member clubs.)

Karl Jaeckel
Harlan Kerr
John McKinstry
Freeman Stamper

See also: Golden Boot Awards

Related Organizations & Projects (This section needs additional content)

10 Years IAGSDC Digital Edition
All Join Hands
Bradley Bell
Dick & Arlene Cook
The Fials
Dick & Vicky Henschel
IAGSDC Archival Project
Medallion Project
Memorial Quilt
Petersen Fund & Rainbow Trust

Sample Questions for 10/25 Participants (This section needs additional content)

Club Interview Questions
What year was your club started?
Who started your club?
Why was your club started?
How was your club started?
Where did your club start (and continue) dancing?
When was your first class/graduation, and what level(s)?
Who taught your first class(s)?
Who's taught your classes since then?
How often does (did) your club offer "club night" dancing?
How often does (did) your club offer club dances?
What's the story behind your club name?
Which dancer(s) has(have) been a member the longest?
What's the age range of your club members?
Has your club participated in any Pride or other civic events? (What were they, when, etc.)
How many students graduated in your first class?
How many students do you typically graduate now?
Describe any specific story(ies) that captures the essence of your club.
Describe any significant media attention.
How have your club and its members interacted with straight square dancing in your area?
What organizations is the club affiliated with or a member of? Alan Hirsch 21:33, 25 June 2009 (UTC)
What other questions should be asked about clubs? Allan Hurst
Dancer Interview Questions
What year did you start dancing?
Which caller(s) taught you square dancing (at each level)?
Why did you start dancing?
How did you get involved in dancing? (Were you recruited? If so, by whom?)
How many years have you danced (e.g., danced for five years, took a break for two years, danced three more years since)
How do you prefer to dress for dancing (at a club night/at a class/at a dance/at a convention)?
How often (many times per week/month) have you/do you dance, and with which club(s)?
What year were you born, and where?
What are your favorite aspects of square dancing?
What are your least favorite aspects of square dancing?
What other questions should be asked about dancers? Allan Hurst
Event Interview Questions
Continuing or one-time?
Name and history of name?
When and where?
Statistics of participation (number of attendees, average, minimum, maximum over years)
Sponsoring organization (club, IAGSDC, other) Alan Hirsch 21:33, 25 June 2009 (UTC)
What, if anything, is missing from this list of interview questions? Allan Hurst

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