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Mary Wanna? during her competition in 2015
Mary Wanna? with her crown in 2015
Mary Wanna? hosting the Honky Tonk Queen contest in 2016

The mysterious Mary Wanna? appeared from nowhere to sweep the 2015 Honky Tonk Queen contest with her sung-live performance of "All About That Bud", with original lyrics sung to the tune of All About That Bass. Mary was accompanied by three anonymous beefcake dancers known informally as The Hunky Trunk Boys.

There are rumors that the HTQ judges (Anne Uebelacker, Sandie Bryant, and Dayle Hodge) may have been bribed, but since all of the evidence went up in smoke, we'll never know for sure.

There are unconfirmed allegations that Mary Wanna? is actually the superhero disguise of an itinerant caller named Gary Monday. So far, nobody has stepped forward to confirm or deny these charges.