Ms. Virginia Slim

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1986 Gary Way at Star Thru the Golden Gate, San Francisco

Ms. Virginia was the original Honky Tonk Queen, reigning from 1984 - 1986. It is rumored that she was able to keep her crown for so long by not inviting any other contestants.

HRH Virginia Slim about to board the train from Seattle to Portland, July 1987
The Fabulous Cow Patty, Jamie Morrison, and HRH Virginia Slim about to board the train from Seattle to Portland, July 1987
HRH Virginia Slim presenting HTQ crown to Sybil, Portland Convention July 1987
Steffany Stamper, Blanchie Jo Bradley, and HRH Virginia Slim Portland Convention, July 1987
A trio of Beauties at Explode The Rose, 1987. Steffany (Freeman Stamper), Blanchie Jo Bradley (James Ozanich), Ms. Virginia Slim (Gary Way), 1st Honky Tonk Queen
Virginia Slim (Gary Way) escorted at the 1987 convention by Al Skinner (of Squares Across the Border)
Gary Way (Virginia Slim) writing a note to be given to the new HTQ in Portland 1987
Virginia Slim's Queen's speech 1987 Portland. "Look at all those men and their feet are all on the floor"
Virginia Slim at 1987 convention. "I'm ready for my close-up"
Virginia Slim at 1987 Explode The Rose Convention
1987 at the banquet, ready to give an announcement about the upcoming HTQ contest. Her quote: "I don't want to take this responsibility to my grave!"
Virginia Slim reigning over Puddletown's Geoduck Jamboree Cruise, Summer 1986
Virginia Slim preparing to host the conclave to name the second HTQ at the 1987 Portland convention
Virginia Slim arriving at the banquet at the 1987 Explode The Rose Convention