1999 HTQ Muriel with Oscar.

Winner of the 1999 Honky Tonk Queen contest.

"1999 Los Angeles
Death March – Now There’s a C-4 Concept!

This contest won by a foreigner who’s too damned pretty to be a Honky Tonk Queen. The Divine Muriel – a pro, we might add – swept through and took the contest the way her ancestors took Pearl Harbor. Just bombed the crap out of them and left everybody stunned. Incidentally, after Los Angeles, it can no longer be ignored: it was populated by the largest number of losers in history. What happened to all the fun contestants? What happened to glamour? What happened to talent?? WHAT HAPPENED??? It happened, my dears, that the contest was decidedly won by someone who speaks NOT ONE WORD OF ENGLISH!!! Just enough to make a love connection, if you know what I mean."[1]