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:[[Steve Browning]] ([[Foggy City Performance Team]] Choreographer)
:[[Steve Browning]] ([[Foggy City Performance Team]] Choreographer)
:[[Steven Lawrence]] *
:[[Steven Lawrence]] *
:[[Stewart Kramer]] *
:[[Stewart Kramer]]
:[[Tammy Coddington]] *
:[[Tammy Coddington]] *
:[[Terry Presley]] * (a/k/a [[Sybil]] *)
:[[Terry Presley]] * (a/k/a [[Sybil]] *)

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People who have made significant contributions to the IAGSDC and/or member clubs.

Note: The starting list for this section was compiled using names from the book, Ten Years IAGSDC: A Collection of Pages From Our Memory Book. The inclusion or exclusion of an individual from this page should not be construed as a measure of their "wiki worthiness".

Names marked with a * are mentioned in Ten Years IAGSDC: A Collection of Pages From Our Memory Book
Agnes Smith *
Alan Hall *
Alan Hirsch
Allan Hurst
Andy Shore
Anna Damiani *
Art Smith *
Ben Teller *
Bob Becking *
Bob Dye *
Bob Young (* as Tami Wynotte)
Carole Hammer *
Chris Phillips *
Chris Thomas *
Chuck Novak *
Danny Lee
Dave McMaster *
Dean Hoffmann *
Dean Hoftnann
Debbie Ceder
Deborah Greener *
Doug MacPherson *
Edwin Jaufmann *
Ett McAtee *
Freeman Stamper *
George Robbins *
Grace Cummins *
Happy Doodle
Harlan Kerr *
James Ozanich *
Jay Schmidt *
Jeff Barlow *
Jen Dadek
John Mckinstry
Karl Jaeckel *
Kathy Yhip (Also see: Moonshine Tip)
Keith Snowdon *
Ken Braidi *
Kim Nagele *
Lu Rossignol *
Luis Torres *
Mae Thomson
Marilyn Hage *
Maxine Smitherman *
Merry Susan Hancks *
Michael Spayd
Mike Tinley *
Nancy Crowell *
Nick Mattera *
Pam Clasper
Paul Asente
Pauline Plummer
Richard Rohrbaugh *
Roger Coffin *
Ron Bass *
Sandi Baxter *
Scott Carey *
Stephen Studnicka *
Steve Browning (Foggy City Performance Team Choreographer)
Steven Lawrence *
Stewart Kramer
Tammy Coddington *
Terry Presley * (a/k/a Sybil *)
Tom Halloran *
Tom Harris *
Van Horrocks *

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