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The Rainbelles is a Denver-based drag performance troupe.

On Sun, Aug 1, 2010 at 4:24 PM, Karl Jaeckel wrote:

  • The Rainbelles made their debut at Star Thru The Golden Gate in San Francisco, 1986. A list of with club member/Belle name associations thru 2001 is reproduced below.
  • I know there have been additional Belles since then. The main coordinators have been Joe Petersen and Timmy Cole, but in recent years Michael Austin has played a role.
  • The second generation of the Rainbelle dresses were created for Peel The Apple. The third generation of dresses were created for Make Magic.

A short YouTube video of the Rainbelles at the 1991 IAGSDC convention in Miami [1]

2001 Rainbelle Roster

This information was derived from a list sent by Karl Jaeckel.

Note: * indicates a member of the original group.

Year Name Rainbelle Name Status
Before 2001 Jan Arey May Belle
Before 2001 Mitch Bodholdt Ruby Rose Belle
Before 2001 Michael Colombo Jesa Belle (?)
Before 2001 Dennis Cossey Aqua*, A. Dora Belle Deceased as of 2001 list
Before 2001 Jim Crowe Hells Belle
Before 2001 Dvorah Dnali Invinci Belle
Before 2001 Don Durham Ruby* Deceased as of 2001 list
Before 2001 BJ Dyer Pierca Belle
Before 2001 Karen Fields Tinker Belle
Before 2001 Brian Foust Ruby*
Before 2001 Bruce Fritz Delecta Belle
Before 2001 David Fuchs AquaNetta Belle
Before 2001 Lenny Glatt Bunny Belle
Before 2001 Jim Gutierrez Jamaica Belle
Before 2001 Don Hinkle Liberty Belle
Before 2001 Ann Howard Incredi Belle
Before 2001 John Howard Jade* Deceased as of 2001 list
Before 2001 Deb Hubbard Mountain Belle
Before 2001 Marty Jermann Lova Belle
Before 2001 Charlie Knutson Marlyce Belle
Before 2001 Barbara Lachmann Bar Belle
Before 2001 Clay Lyman Blue Belle
Before 2001 Kathy Magilvy Matza Belle
Before 2001 Jerry McNiff Availa Belle
Before 2001 Howard Middleton Afforda Belle Deceased as of 2001 list
Before 2001 Mary Ann Miley Sapphire*, Misera Belle
Before 2001 Bill Mossburg Impossa Belle
Before 2001 Joe Petersen Tiffany*, Ma Belle Deceased as of 2001 list
Before 2001 Bud Rhyne Amethyst*
Before 2001 Jim Roberson Scarlet* Deceased as of 2001 list
Before 2001 Bill Ross Twirla Belle
Before 2001 Cal Smith Brawny Belle
Before 2001 Cricket Smith Amber*
Before 2001 Dominic Trujillo Taco Belle
Before 2001 Steve Unfer Unforgeta Belle
Before 2001 MJ Urbaitis Pacha Belle
Before 2001 Bret Washichek Unbelieva Belle
Before 2001 Don Williamson Tardy Belle
2001 Nich Aubin Pacific Belle
2001 Michael Austin Scram Belle
2001 Tim Cole Ben Dovera Belle
2001 Bret Farris Bar Belle
2001 Karen Fields Unforgetta Belle
2001 Travis Gregory Cow Belle
2001 Bear Miller Un Bear-a Belle
2001 John Rhyne Reversa Belle
2001 Paul Rothe Comp U Belle
2001 Mark Simmons Incorriga Belle
2001 Cal Smith Brawny Belle
2001 Dirk Wold Ring My Bell