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[[Category:People]][[Category:Golden Boot Recipients]]
[[Category:People]][[Category:Golden Boot Recipients]]
(placeholder items)
* lives in [[Portland]], [[OR]]
* Lives in [[Portland]], [[OR]]
* member of [[Rosetown Ramblers]] and [[Heads to the Center]]
* Member of [[Rosetown Ramblers]] and [[Heads to the Center]].
* past chairman of the [[IAGSDC]] (dates?)
* Past Vice-Chair ([[1987]]-[[1988]]) and Chair ([[1988]]-[[1989]]) of the [[IAGSDC]].
* convention co-chair (sofa) of [[Explode The Rose]] and [[Weave The Rose]]
* Convention co-chair (unofficially self-named "sofa" after the convention) of both [[Explode The Rose]] and [[Weave The Rose]], and of upcoming IAGSDC Conventions in 2021 (Houston, TX) and 2022 (Minneapolis, MN).
* 2003 [[Golden Boot Award]] recipient
* 2003 [[Golden Boot Award]] recipient.
* frequent fly-in co-chair
* Frequent fly-in co-chair
* [[Medallion Project]] stepmother
* Ran the [[Medallion Project]] as "[[Stepmother]] Medallion" until 2018, when [[Keith Gehrig]] took over the project.

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