Rick Wheeler

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Rick Martin Wheeler
15 Jul 1956 - 16 Jul 1992
Foggy City Dancers
Gold Rush Memorial Panel 1UR
New Year Resolutions
Western Star Dancers


Rick passed away peacefully at noon, one day after his 36th birthday. His lover of nine years, Monte, and his cousin Donna were at his side. His mother, Marie, was nearby. Rick is also survived by his father and brother and their wives in Arizona many friends throughout California and Ohio; and his two "little girls" (Labradors) at home.

Rick was an excellent musician. He played the accordion and won many awards while growing up in Southern California. He was also a pianist and choral director. After graduating from Moorpark College, he gave private music lessons in the Thousand Oaks area of Los Angeles.

Late on, Rick became a twirler for the L.A. Ga Freedom Band, and an assistant director for West Coast Singers. He also called and helped teach square dancing for the New Year's Resolution of West Hollywood.

After moving to San Francisco in 1987, Rick continue his square dancing with the Gold Rush Performance Team and with Western Star dancers. Most recently, he was assisting in choral directing at City College of SF.

Professionally, Rick was in retail for several years. He worked for many different companies in LA and was an administrative assistant for Burlington Coat Factory in San Francisco. He will be greatly missed by his co-workers.

His family would like to thank the staff at Mt. Zion Hospital (5NA) for their professional and caring treatment to Rick during his stay. They are truly an outstanding group of people.

In lieu of services, Rick was privately cremated and his ashes will be scattered at a later date. Contributions in Rick's name can be made to Project Open House in San Francis.

Good night Auggie Doggie.
Doggie Daddy misses you![1]

Memories of Gold Rush

by Joe Sobiesiak circa 1996
RICK WHEELER was the lover of Monte. They were both Team members when I joined. Rick was one of our callers. He had a good voice and I remember him singing 'Bill Bailey', which is one of my favorite songs. Rick would come out and "party hardy" with us at the Rodeos. On one side trip to Disneyland, the Team was going to stay at Rick’s moms place. The Team was split into two vehicles with Rick as one "pilot" and Monte, the other. Well, Monte's group arrived with no problem. Hours later, Rick's car showed up. Rick had gotten lost! And, the guys never let him forget it! Rick surprised us another time by showing up at the last Rodeo rehearsal on crutches! Rick was a very happy guy. He was always smiling and laughing. After Rick passed on, Monte moved back to Ohio for a few months to settle his head. At Christmas time, I received a package from Monte. I opened it and inside was a card and present from the both of them. Rick had picked out my present before getting ill, and Monte sent it to me. Rick was a very generous and thoughtful man.

by Monte Roush circa 1996
I'll start with the obvious, my lover, RICK WHEELER. Rick and I met in West Hollywood on June 10th, 1983. At the time, we were both members of the LA Gay Freedom Band. We took up Square Dancing in September '85 and moved to San Francisco on Thanksgiving weekend, 1987. Upon arriving in “The City" we became members of the Foggy City Dancers. In July, 1988, we were both asked to join Gold Rush; and I was asked to join the Foggy City Performance Team. [It turned out that FCD was planning to ask Rick later on, but at the time, rejected him because they thought he was a different Rick]. For the first couple of years, Rick was very active with Gold Rush. He enjoyed both the dancing - and being able to do singing calls for the group. He especially like singing duets with Bill Whitefield. As he became weaker from AIDS, he tried to withdraw himself from the group, but many members wouldn't let that happen. They tried to keep him involved in various ways and I am eternally grateful for that. During the final stages of his illness, Rick was visited by every Team Member while in the hospital. He even received phone calls from our friends in Sacramento, Chris and Corky. Rick passed away on July 16, 1992; one day after his 36th birthday. Good night Augie-Doggie. Doggie Daddy misses you!



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