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File:Rob daoud bar obit 1993-03-25.jpg|Obituary (''Bay Area Reporter'')
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Robin Jamal Daoud
26 Jun 1955 - 05 Jan 1993
Midnight Squares Memorial Panel 1LL

Rob Daoud was a co-founder of Midnight Squares who went on to found the Castro Folk Dancers. He succumbed to AIDS in the early 1990s.


Rob Daoud, Of Monterey, California, passed away peacefully, surrounded by his loving family at The Hospice of the Central Coast in Monterey.

Rob was a graduate of California State University at San Francisco. He was a computer programmer and systems analyst with Pacific Bell. During the late '70's and early '80s, Rob was fondly remembered as a waiter at Without Reservations. Rob led a very active life and made many friends easily, with his charm, sense of humor, and striking looks. He was an avid sports fan and played on both the Gay Football League and Softball League. He loved dancing, especially Country and Western, and folk dancing. The Castro Folk Dancers were founded by Rob several years ago, and this group is still flourishing.

He is survived by his parents, Albert and Lila Daoud; three brothers, Alan, Mark, and Samir, all of Monterey.

We'll miss you, Rob.[1]


I don't know exactly when Rob died, but I think it was the late '80's (or very early '90's). Unfortunately, the people who knew him best (including his boyfriend at the time, Ken Weisinger) are also gone, but it's possible Steve Browning or Mick Sheppard might remember, and I know a couple of old-timers from Rob's folk group; I'll check with them.

Rob was a fun, creative guy, and an excellent source of insider gossip about the Foggy City Squares Performance Team during the Skip Barrett Reign of Terror. He didn't have much interest in Challenge level dancing, so by 1984 he was already moving away from square dancing and putting his energy into his new baby, the gay folk dance group. I'm attaching a photo of Rob, from the Midnight Squares group photo taken at the 1983 Golden State Roundup.
—Russ King[2]

Rob Daoud, along with "East Bay" Richard Tuck, was one of the two co-founders of Midnight Squares; he was also a member of the Foggy City Squares Performance Team, and choreographed the Midnight Squares six-couple performance piece at the 1983 Reno Rodeo Country Dance Festival, an event that preceded the first IAGSDC Convention in 1984. (Steve Browning has it on videotape; I have a copy.) Rob did most of the teaching in the early days, while Richard was the primary "moneybags." Rob also founded a gay folk dance group which met for a long time at EVCR, and which eventually became his primary focus of interest before his early death from AIDS.
—Russ King[3]



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