Ross Crawshaw-Lopton

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Ross Crawshaw-Lopton

Ross grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada. He took accordion lessons from Kindergarten through 12th Grade and through the years taught himself to play many other musical instruments. His family assumed he would become a musician, but he also showed an aptitude for dance. Ross is a banker by day, but spends his free time as a square dance caller.

Ross began square dancing 1984. He participated in his first Caller School in 2006. Ross honed his skills by hosting the Emerald City Jamboree during the summer months in Seattle, Washington; calling the warm-up tip for Puddletown Squares Mainstream Classes (Seattle); and calling GCA slots at the annual IAGSDC Convention.

Ross has called for square dancing in California, Colorado, Illinois, Ohio, Utah, Washington State, Washington DC, and Vancouver BC (Canada).

Ross and his family moved to Salt Lake City in 2007. He is currently the Club Caller for Temple Squares.

Ross is BMI / ASCAP Licensed and a member of Callerlab and the Gay Callers Association.