Sandy Moss


Sanford Moss
20 Jun 1948 - 13 Feb 1986
Times Squares Memorial panel 2UR

Sandy Moss was a founding member of Times Squares in 1984. He has a panel on the AIDS Quilt; block 00582.


Email from Larry Petterson 24 Jul 2018

Sanford Moss was my very first partner and the love of my life. He was born on June 20, 1948 and died on February 13, 1986. He was well liked by everyone. When I met him he was a junior high school history teacher and then a science teacher. Back in the 70s when the city was in financial ruin, he was laid off. He got a job as a coat checker at a gay disco. He took federal government tests and was then hired at the Social Security Administration where he worked until his death.

Sandy and I were members of Sundance prior to learning square dancing. To memorialize him, Sundance refurbished a room at the LGBT Center in Manhattan. There is a plaque from his original room opposite the elevator on the Main floor.