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;[[Medallion Project]]
;[[Medallion Project]]
:[[Rick Hawes]] (1998-2018)
:[[Rick Hawes]] (1998-2018) (a/k/a "Stepmother Medallion")
:[[Keith Gehrig]] (2019- ) (a/k/a "Funny Uncle")
:[[Keith Gehrig]] (2019- ) (a/k/a "Funny Uncle Medallion")
;[[Travel Guide]]
;[[Travel Guide]]

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"stepmother" is a term used for someone who has taken over responsibility for an ongoing task or project from someone else in the IAGSDC. Freeman Stamper was the original "mother" of almost all of these items, but has passed them on to other capable hands.

Stepmothers exist for the following projects:

Bradley Bell
Gordon Macaw
Golden Boot Award dangles
Andy Shore
- Note that Freeman didn't create this award, but created the "mom's" duties nonetheless. Here is his email of 29 Jan 2005 looking for a stepmother:

Using the trusty Bradley Bell (ain't it grand?), these are the email addresses I came up with in order to do this survey.

As you now know, I'm the person who has been supplying the Golden Boot fun dangle(s) each year. When I started this back in 1990, I had a dangle made for each year through 2005. So, this is the last pre-engraved dangle that I have. They are not expensive, and I certainly don't mind having more made. However, I can be a little focused and these dangles could not mean anything to you as recipients other than the passion of the moment when your name is called - and what a glorious moment that was for all of us.

At some point, I will stop attending conventions on a consistant basis. I'm looking for a stopping point, but I've got Bradleys getting medallions this year and next. If the fun dangles are just trinkets that take up space in a box or drawer, perhaps this year is a good time to stop the tradition. I do have a few blanks which I ordered back in 1990 which are used to make duplicates in years when there have been more than one recipient.

I wish to have your honest response. There are no correct answers. You do not need to respond to the group.

I'll hope to see all of you in Santa Clara in July.

Mama Jo
Steffany, ret.

Medallion Project
Rick Hawes (1998-2018) (a/k/a "Stepmother Medallion")
Keith Gehrig (2019- ) (a/k/a "Funny Uncle Medallion")
Travel Guide
Paul Asente
- note that the Travel Guide has been replaced by the Internet
Memorial Panels
John Mckinstry and Brian Smith
James Ozanich (2012- )