Ted Oakes

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Ted Oakes making announcements at Cross Trails In The Desert, May 1988

Theodore Wallace Oakes
15 Jun 1954 - 19 Feb 1996
Desert Valley Squares Memorial Panel 1LL
Received 10 Year Medallion at Stars & Squares Forever in 1994


It is with sadness that I report that Dr. Ted Oakes of Phoenix passed away today. Ted had been fighting serious AIDS complications and problems since July of last year.

Ted was one of the pillars of Desert Valley Squares. At the IAGSDC Executive Board meetings, where he was DVS's delegate for many years, Ted's willingness to share (and share and share and share....) his opinions will be well remembered. Ted was active in the planning and execution of the 1988 IAGSDC convention in Phoenix. He was also a subscriber to this list and frequently contributed to it before his health declined.

Ted is survived by his lover of many years, Michael Hansen.

Arrangements for services will be announced at a later time.
— darrell

The Ted Oakes Memorial Dance Series is posthumously sponsored by the estate of Dr. Oakes, founder of Desert Valley Squares, who passed away in February, 1996.[1] This yearly day-long event features workshops and an evening dance.[2]



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