The Bradley Family

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The Bradley Family is also known as The Bradleys or The Bradley Sisters.

Hailing from Hooterville, near Pixley.

At a Western Star Dancers retreat in 1986, one group decorated their cabin as "The Shady Rest", the hotel from television's Petticoat Junction series. Thus the Bradleys (owners of the TV hotel) were born. The original Bradleys debuted at the 1987 IAGSDC convention in Portland.

The group, under Mama Jo's leadership, was the original publisher of the Bradley Bell.

The family includes

Mama Jo - Freeman Stamper
Suzie Jo - Sue Siegfried
Janie Jo - Tom Tripp
Wynonna Jo - Eddie Smith (deceased)
Ina Jo - Garrett Peter (deceased)
Fannie Jo - Russ Marsh
Blanchie Jo - James Ozanich
Sammie Jo - Sam Kaluf
Winnie Jo - Wayne Paull (deceased)
Uncle Joe Jo - Chris Anderson (deceased)
Cho-Cho Jo Bradley - Dennis Puccini (deceased)
Oma Jo Bradley - Joel Dawes (deceased)
Opa Jo Bradley - Roy Frisch (deceased)


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