The Guide to IAGSDC Convention Chapter 4

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Who's in charge of this thing, anyway?

2005 Leather Tip

The first IAGSDC® convention was held in Seattle in 1984. Since then, host cities have included Denver, San Francisco, Portland OR, Phoenix, New York, Miami, Vancouver BC, Albuquerque, Seattle (again), Washington DC, Chicago, San Francisco (again), Las Vegas, Portland (again), Los Angeles, Baltimore, Vancouver (again), Toronto, San Diego, and Phoenix (again).

Each Convention has a year, a city, and an official name. For example, as of this writing, some recent and upcoming Conventions include:

2005: "Star Thru The Silicon Galaxy" in Santa Clara, California
2006: "Wish Upon A Thar" in Anaheim, California
2007: "Red Rocks and Purple Mountains" in Denver, Colorado
2008: "Touch A Quarter Century" in Cleveland, Ohio
2009: "DC Diamond Circulate" in Washington, DC
2010: "Chi-Town Shakedown" in Chicago, Illinois
2011: "Gone With The Windmill" in Atlanta, Georgia
2012: "Dance Up A Storm" in Vancouver, British Columbia
2013: "Weave Your Heart in San Francisco" in San Francisco, California
2014: "Squeeze the Hive" in Salt Lake City, Utah 2015: "Swing Me in St. Louis" in St. Louis y, Missouri 2016: "Maple Leafs Regroup" in Toronto, Ontario 2017: "Palm Springs Swing & Mix 2017" in Palm Springs, California 2018: "Circle Back to Seattle" in Seattle, Washington 2019: "Belles Run" in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 2020: "(Name To Be Announced)" in Denver, Colorado 2021: "(Name To Be Announced)" in (To Be Announced)

Convention attendance runs anywhere from 800 to 1,200 dancers, friends, family members, and partners.

IAGSDC® Conventions are staged by individual square dance clubs, or by groups of clubs, in a given geographic area.

In general, Convention is held over a holiday weekend such as 4th of July or Memorial Day. This is a tradition rather than a hard-and-fast rule. Some years, Convention has been held on a totally different date, such as Easter weekend. This is usually done to minimize hotel costs. (For example, downtown hotels in some cities cost more during 4th of July weekend due to heavy bookings for local events.)

Each year, the IAGSDC® allows clubs to "bid" for conventions to be held in their local cities. A convention committee reviews each year's bids. After a few years of bidding and presentations, the IAGSDC® Convention Committee accepts one of the bids presented. Generally speaking, the IAGSDC® approves bids four years in advance.

For a complete list of upcoming conventions (and potential bids), see the IAGSDC® website.

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