Tim Larrabee

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California AIDS Ride, 1987

Timothy G Larrabee
29 Jul 1960 - 14 Feb 2017
Capital City Squares Memorial panel 4LL


Born on July 29, 1960 in San Francisco, California and passed February 14, 2017 in his home in Sacramento, California. Tim's early childhood homes were many but his formative years were in Sacramento where he built great friendships and memories across the city, but most notably at Rosemont Cabana Club and Hiram Johnson High School. He later stocked up on college degrees including a Bachelor of Science in psychology from UC Davis, a Master's of Science in Instructional Leadership from National University, and finally his PhD from UC Davis in Education. Tim started his professional teaching career at Elk Grove Unified School District and then James Rutter Middle School. In 2004, he moved to the greater Detroit area to become an associate professor at Oakland University (OU) in Michigan, where he found a gratifying career. Tim's passion was to make a positive difference through teaching teachers how to teach. He had very high standards and enhanced the lives of those he instructed, and those of their students; a true, positive ripple effect in our world. In addition, he was a passionate advocate for LGBTQIA community both locally at OU and on a broader scale, receiving recognition for "tireless leadership and dedication to the OU LGBTQIA community".

If these accomplishments were not enough, Tim lived life fully, in total harmony with his values and beliefs. It was not an easy path. He lived with HIV/AIDs for nearly 30 years, being a victim of the virus, but not a victim in life. He battled it aggressively and without a single complaint, living his life thoughtfully, purposely and with elegance and grace. He was both compliant with his doctors as well as leading the way for others with successful experimental treatments. While the virus inevitably overtook him physically, he never wavered in his approach to life, inspiring so many and leaving his loved ones with powerful life lessons.

Tim was at peace with his life, knowing he made such a positive difference to so many. In his final days, he was nurtured by the love of his family and friends, who he in turned loved deeply. "What day is it?" "It is today, it is the best day." Tim enjoyed many best days all the way along his journey, through his final, peaceful days.

He is preceded in death by his adoring sister Leslie, and his parents, and survived by his loving brothers Matt and Todd, and twin sister Lisa. His best friends Stan and Julie were as close as kin and loved him beyond measure as well.

Oakland University is proud to offer the Timothy G. Larrabee SOGI Equity & Inclusion Award in recognition of his many contributions to the SOGI Initiative and to broader academic, cultural and community engagement goals of Oakland University and the surrounding community.

A memorial will be held in Sea Ranch at some time in the future where he will be re-united with Leslie and his mother.[1]

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