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In 1984, long before the world wide web, ubiquitous computer use, and search engines, the Travel Guide was created by Freeman Stamper as a directory of IAGSDC clubs and gay-friendly clubs where we could dance. Organized by geography, the Travel Guide listed club names, contact information, dance locations, schedules and programs. Eventually it included web addresses and email contact information.

Freeman took his inspiration from the National Square Dance Directory, which was sort of a white-pages of square dance clubs.

Originally, Freeman hoped to sell the Travel Guide, but rather than staff a sales table, he just decided to leave them out for others to take. It became an annual publication and was always quite a chore to get clubs to keep their information in it up to date. (See Freeman's 1990 Golden Boot presentation).

For many years, the Travel Guide was the best source of information for club contacts and dancers wanting to dance with IAGSDC and gay-friendly clubs while visiting other cities.

In 1994 Freeman passed on responsibility for the Travel Guide to a new "stepmother", Paul Asente, who kept it going in print and brought it online, where it became the first internet IAGSDC club directory. You can browse past versions, starting in 1998, on the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. From it you can find past versions of many club pages. (Unfortunately earlier versions were not captured. The capture of the frames version of the site is rather dodgy; the non-frames version is more reliable.)

In 2005, the IAGSDC web site took over the club directory and the Travel Guide was semi-officially retired.

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