Triangle Squares

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Location: Toronto, ON, Canada

Started: 1987



Club Caller[s]: Andy Chong, Don St. Jean, Osamu Miyabe, Costa Roussakis, Joe Uebelacker


Dance Location[s]:

Fly-Ins Hosted: Scoot Across the Border

Triangle Squares was formed in 1987 and accepted as a member of the IAGSDC at the Scottsdale convention in 1988, which only two of our dancers attended. The first fly-in was March 4-7, 1988, with about four squares of dancers in attendance. The callers were Joe Uebelacker and Anne Uebelacker.
On 22 May, 1990, there was a special Steering Committee meeting to decide details about the next fly-in, which began with a Club Dance on Thursday, 7 June, 1990, and then continued on Friday, 8 June with an Advanced Workshop on the Saturday and Brunch on the Sunday. We danced on Friday at St. Luke's (at Sherbourne & Carlton Streets) and then on Saturday at the 519.
In 1991, the Fly-In Early Bird dance was on Thursday, April 4, with Joe Uebelacker calling. Then on Friday, Tim Crawford called at St. Luke's, followed by a Saturday afternoon dance with Joe Uebelacker and a Sunday afternoon dance with Tim.
In 1992, we held the Fly-In the second (!) weekend after the Victoria Day weekend, so it was the weekend after the Memorial Day weekend. The Trail-In dance was on Thursday, May 28.
Then in 1993, we settled on the Memorial Day weekend as the traditional time for our Fly-In, which was that year May 28 - 30. Holding it on the Memorial Day weekend makes it more possible for dancers from the U.S. to come to Toronto and with the Canadian dollar at quite a low rate this year, we’ll hope to see a number of visitors from across the border at what is our 20th Fly-In!
Chris Homer, April 2009

Conventions Hosted: 2002 - Cloverleafs & Maple Leafs

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