Triangle Tarts

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The Triangle Tarts first appeared as a cohesive group in the early 1990’s. Prior to this, two or three dancers agreed in an informal way to dress up in drag for special club dances and events. With time, the tarts coalesced into a core group of dancers who were agreeing upon themes and colour schemes for their appearances at club dances and events. As Triangle Tarts are an inclusive group, we’ve welcomed women to our family. A small handful of Tarts have participated in a few of the Honky Tonk Queen Contests at IAGSDC conventions, with a winner in 1992. In the 1990’s and early 2000’s, the Triangle Tarts danced in demonstration performances at various venues to promote and advertise the club and its classes. Since the 2010’s, The Tarts have marched in Pride Parades in Toronto and Peterborough, and have appeared at Pride festivals in Toronto and Ottawa.

Below is a list of those we remember as having participated as a Tart, either as a core member or as a sometime-Tart.

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Street Name Drag Name
Alan Dearnley Strawberry Dickerie
Bill Woodfine Penny Cillin
Chris Ambidge Pearl Choker
Costa Roussakis Tesse Tostesterone
Brian Croker Eileen Dover
Brian Wilding Liz Tureen
Dave Whitney Davida Devine
Debra Pugh Dixie Grande
Dierdre Taylor Ginger Snapped
Don Cheff Donna-Marie
Don St. Jean Mary Xmas, Sheila Buzyu, Mary Kay-Y
Geremy Vincent Finalnet Funicello
Keltie Jones Trista McRing, Ophelia McCracken
Kevin Kavanaugh Scarlet Mascara
Nancy Deadman Deb Auchery
Paul Kavisto Vesta Bule
Peter Davies Patty O’Furniture
Richard Stoveld Heidi Sausage
Rick Monsos Hope Leslie Romantic
Steve McKeown Tiara Del Fuego
Steve Sterritt Crystal Chandelier
Steve Varga Rhea Cycle
Terry Thorpe Carmina Putana (Honky Tonk Queen 1992)
Warren Estabrooks Mona-Lil Louder