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*[[Allan Hurst]] (Communications and Volunteers)
*[[Allan Hurst]] (Communications and Volunteers)
{{#ev:youtube| G_3C6VyMajE |500|right|Twin City Spin 2020 Promo Video|frame}}
{{#ev:youtube| G_3C6VyMajE |500|right|Twin City Spin Promo Video from 2020|frame}}
'''Calling staff:'''  
'''Calling staff:'''  

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39th Annual IAGSDC convention

Twin City Spin

Dates: 26-29 May 2022

Location: Minneapolis, MN, USA

Host hotel/venues: Hyatt Regency Minneapolis

Hosting club: Heads To The Center

Convention committee title: The Shadow Committee

Convention committee members:

Twin City Spin Promo Video from 2020

Calling staff:

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Miscellaneous Information

The convention's logo was designed by Urso Chappell, who designed the IAGSDC History Project logo.