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Historian/archivist for the Palm Springs Boots n Squares club. I was entrusted with the clubs' historical records and photo albums in late 2019. The venerable Dwight Fine had just begun handing off his duties to me as the mounting pandemic situation was conspiring to shut everything down.

Now that it looks as though there may be a light at the end of the tunnel, I am excited for the opportunity to take up the reigns in earnest and go forward with our first big project: scanning and organizing our nearly 3 decades of photos and ephemera items. With the full support of our new club president, Tedd Foley, and our webmaster, Danny Lee, I am highly motivated to tackle this.

When Danny informed us of this wonderful project, the task became far more manageable. Just knowing that we have an international organization setting forth a framework and standards for us to follow makes the whole thing so much more rewarding and assuages any anxiety I may have had.

Looking forward to working with this awesome global community to preserve and continue to capture our ongoing local history and share it with the world.

I am a photographer and digital content artist by trade and I have a deep love of unique cultural experiences, popular (and obscure) media, and the creative and performing arts.