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[[Category:Honky Tonk Queens]
[[Category:Honky Tonk Queens]]
Winner of the 1997 [[Honky Tonk Queen]] Contest.
Winner of the 1997 [[Honky Tonk Queen]] Contest.

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Winner of the 1997 Honky Tonk Queen Contest.

"1997 Las Vegas
Fake Boobs in Glitter Gulch

Now here was a year so completely devoid of talent and imagination, we finally had to give the crown to Virginia Hamm, who literally won the lesbian judges over just by wiggling her little finger. Now, how was that for some sugar-cured audacity! This was also the year that we found out about Miss Anne Uebelacker could do some things with her fingers other than – well, whatever. The broad plays the accordion! Go figure!!! Somebody entered as Deborah Parnell (and honey, WHY???), Roseanne screeched and the rest is a blur – although Tami made a lovely showgirl!"[1]