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Jonathon D. Vladislav “Vlad” Schwartz
???? - 4 Mar 2007
DC Lambda Squares

Jonathon D. Vladislav “Vlad” Schwartz of Aquasco, Md., died March 4 of liver cancer, according to Eric Gangloff, his partner. He was 42.

Schwartz was born in Boston and raised in Newton, Mass. After attending college in Florida, he joined the Peace Corps, spent time as an agricultural technician in the Philippines and worked at a home for disabled children in Thailand. He moved to Washington in 1993, where he worked at a variety of city institutions, including the Old Post Office Pavilion, the National Zoo, the Smithsonian and Franklyn’s Coffee House. He retired in 2001.

Schwartz was a member of the DC Lambda Squares and a longtime member of the Highwaymen TNT, a local leather group. A devoted gardener, Schwartz took pride in designing, planting and maintaining the gardens at his farm in Aquasco.

“Vlad was the most generous and open person I have ever known,” says Gangloff. “Whatever he had, he wanted to share, and to help make people happy and comfortable. He had an amazing network of friends that stretched from the leather community to gardeners to friends and neighbors where he lived. And all his friends loved him back deeply for the joy he brought into their lives.”

In addition to Gangloff, Schwartz is survived by his parents, Lowell and Karlene Schwartz of Boylston, Mass. Schwartz suggested that those wishing to remember him make a donation to the Community Support Systems of Brandywine, Md., a social service agency. He also hoped to have trees planted in his memory.