Warren Jay Eggly

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Traffic Cone Sisters
The Traffic Cone Sisters Chuck Krysieniel (Patsy Sue Venuear) and Warren Jay Eggly (Alotta Gelotta) made their debut at the Crack The Crab 2000 Fun Badge Tour in Baltimore ("That's Bawlmer, Hon!"), Maryland. They later went on to fame and fortune as two members of a tripartite Honky Tonk Queen contest winner, "Mary Gold & The Big Boned Gals."

The El Camino Reelers honored the memory of square dancer Warren Eggly at the 2018 convention Circle Back to Seattle, directly after the Club photo on July 6th, 2018 at 4:10pm.

Warren was born on December 25, 1959 and raised on the Jersey Shore. He later was a resident of Mountain View, California and started dancing in 1996. His first convention was Wheel & Deal in Las Vegas, NV in 1997. He attended 14 conventions with his last being the San Francisco convention in 2013. He first ran for Honky Tonk Queen in 2000 and won the tri-partite sash in 2001 as Alotta Gellota, one of the two Big Boned Girls backing up Mary Gold (Neal Heather) with the assistance of Patsy Sue Vanear ([Chuck Krysieniel]).

He was a fantastic community builder and an early leader different gay employee groups including the Bay area digital/DEC LGBT group, HTG, and BAYMEC in the late 80s and later the LGBT at Sun Microsystems. He staged the "Megalunch" gatherings connecting LGBT employees from different employers and disciplines. He was active as a geocacher and become a coordinator for many events.

He passed away on October 22nd, 2017. He is survived by his partner, Horacio Barber.