Who will keep Tami in line?

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The Great Lois Carmen D'Nominator has passed away. How sad to lose such a great person, and a magnificent Queen.

Mike/Lois passed away reportedly from a massive heart attack on Friday July 16, 2010. This is a great loss to the gay square dance community. Mike/Lois was always a star and a presence to be dealt with, I am so glad that I was able to spend many times with him. On the last night in Chicago I sat with Lois and enjoyed a cocktail and queenly banter, not knowing this would be my last time to do so. I have a pair of flamingo pink Dame Edna sun glasses with rhinestones that Lois lent to me in Cleveland, that I had never returned--now I will treasure them as a lasting memory.

Though in pain and having had a particularly unpleasant year of surgery and recovery, Mike appeared in Chicago and was as glorious as ever. Few realized the degree of pain and unpleasantry we has masking behind the cheery outside. In retrospect many of the things he said foreshadowed this sad departure.

I remember Lois'. first with the appearance of the SheDevils, and who can forget her presentation the night she won Honky Tonk Queen--done in mime, since she was so traumatized from losing the year before. The only time Lois was speechless.

Mike was a sheer pleasure to spend time with, and though a master (Mistress) of bitchiness when on stage, a good and loving person with a heart of gold (encrusted with rhinestones)

I don't know what plans are made, or what Mike would have wanted, but I can't help but picturing a bright pink casket with rhinestones, and Lois in big hair, big make up and very sensible, but color coordinated shoes, all of the She-Devils in full regalia, Tami and Virgina in attendance, with all of us who knew and loved both Lois and Mike.

Mike/Lois: we will miss you so much!!!! Conventions will never be the same.


-- Harlan/Belle Whatling

P.S. Now there is no one to keep Tami in line!!!