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Who is the "Square Dance Guru"?

Many new dancers often hear experienced dancers refer to The Square Dance Guru in conversation, especially when it involves an argument over how a call should be danced or called.

Stewart Kramer, The Square Dance Guru

The Square Dance Guru is the advice-columnist persona of Stewart Kramer, who was originally published in the newsletter of PACE Nor-Cal, with occasional appearances later on internet mailing lists. Unsure? Confused? Squarebroken? Ask the Square Dance Guru!

Stewart has been square dancing since 1983. In the 1990's, he wrote a column called "My Turn Now", which was published in The Prompter, a local square dance magazine based in San Jose, CA.

Currently, the Guru mostly chimes in on the challenge-sd mailing list, with occasional contributions to the sd-callers list.

Both of these mailing lists are maintained by Rich Reel. Subscribe by contacting Rich.

When contacted regarding the contents of this chapter, Stewart said: Remember, it's good luck to have the Square Dance Guru rub your tummy. ("If it brings you good luck, or if you get lucky, tell all your friends, especially if they're cute.")

The Square Dance Guru's website

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