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Women & Convention

Deborah Carroll-Jones dressed up as "Barbie" in the 1999 HTQ contest

In 2006, it was suggested that a section would be welcome on what women attending convention could expect. The IAGSDC® is an all-inclusive organization: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Trans ... and their friends who aren't any of those things. Despite this, generally around 70%+ of Convention attendees are male.

It's not uncommon for women to want to get away from the testosterone for a while.

Women's Hospitality Lounge.

Most IAGSDC® convention committees provide a separate, women-only space. Sometimes it's stocked with drinks and snacks. Generally it contains comfortable seating and a space for women to socialize with other women.


Admittedly, this isn't necessarily a women-only topic. However, we feel it's germane to this chapter because some conventions place a childcare area in or near the Women's Hospitality Lounge. Some years, it's in a separate area. Each convention's policy and placement of the women's and childcare lounges is different from year to year.

Fun Badge Tours.

Women seated at convention banquet.

Official or not, usually one (or more!) of the Fun Badge Tour buses ends up populated entirely by women. Don't be afraid to ask other women if an unofficial bus has been "named" yet as "The Women's Bus".

Occasionally, you can figure out which one is the Women's Bus just by looking at the titles given to each vehicle. If not, feel free to ask, or look for a bus where most of the first names are women's names.

Banquet Seating.

When it's time for banquet seating sign-ups, there are often a couple of tables of only women, also unofficially. Like the Fun Badge Tour, this generally happens informally, because people choose to do it this way. If this appeals to you, feel free to initiate or participate in such a table, especially if you'd feel more comfortable

Women's Tip.

There's a special energy created in a room full of dancing women. As a result, there's usually a specialty tip called by women, just for women. Check the "Specialty Tips" schedule to find out when it happens.

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